Lawmakers reflect on loss of Representative Glanzer

PIERRE, S.D. (KCCR) – South Dakota Representative Bob Glanzer of Huron died Friday night due to the Covid-19 coronavirus. Glanzer served six years as a member of the House. The entire time he served Glanzer was seated next to District 24 Representative Tim Rounds of Pierre.

District 24 Representative Mary Duvall sat just a few rows behind Glanzer and Rounds on the House floor and was a seat mate with Roger Chase who served together with Glanzer from District 22.

Duvall says Glanzer was strong with his faith.

Rounds says Glanzer will be missed at the Capitol.

Glanzer had taken out petitions to run for reelection in District 22. Bob Glanzer was 75 years old.