Leaders last week visited the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

RAPID CITY, S.D.(KOTA)- Last week a group of business leaders, politicians, and media from Rapid City were invited to tour the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Rapid City Council Alderman Laura Armstrong (Ward 5) said physically being on the Reservation was an eye-opening experience.

Armstrong is not from Rapid City originally, but has lived in the Black Hills since the 1990’s. She said it was her first trip to Pine Ridge.

Armstrong said it was an experience she’ll take back to the chambers with her.

Armstrong said she has begun advocating for a stronger relationship between Tribal Council and Rapid City Council.

While it’s easy to forget, not everyone living on reservations are indigenous.

Raymond Nadolny is the president of Red Cloud Indian School. A white man originally from Seattle, Nadolny highlighted the experience of living on the reservation.

Nadolny said life on a reservation is quite different from life in Rapid City or Sioux Falls.

The tour went to the Red Cloud Indian School, the communities of Pine Ridge, Kyle, and Thunder Valley, and the Wounded Knee massacre site.