Leaders sign state official ballots

PIERRE, S.D. (DRG News) – After a quick vote to have South Dakota Republican party chair Dan Lederman replace Gov. Kristi Noem as one of the state’s three electors, the state’s official ballots were signed Monday at the state Capitol in Pierre.

Lt. Gov. Larry Rhoden and Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg were the other two electors.

As determined by the popular vote in the state, Rhoden announced the results.

Secretary of State Steve Barnett says the documents get to a few different places.

Barnett says the electoral college ballots will be reviewed next month.

South Dakota had a little over 73% voter turnout for the Nov. 3, 2020, general election. Barnett says the last time turnout was that high was in 2004 when republican John Thune challenged democratic incumbent and Senate Minority Leader Senator Tom Daschle for his Senate seat. Thune won by a margin of about 4500 votes.