Legislation in the works dealing with classification of ranch lands for tax purposes

PIERRE, S.D.(KOTA)- South Dakota cattle producers have had tough questions go unanswered regarding the classification of ranch lands for tax purposes.

State Senator Jessica Castleberry of Rapid City is co-sponsoring legislation in an effort remedy the situation, and offered a breakdown of the bill as it stands.

Producers, Castleberry says, are being forced to pay crop taxes on uncroppable land – an issue she says has gone unaddressed for well over a decade.

Castleberry said the state department of revenue has admitted the system is in need of an adjustment.

Castleberry said she believes East River politicians have a habit of putting cattle issues on the backburner.

The proposal has received an endorsement from the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association, which Castleberry described as a “direct line” to ranchers.