Legislators from Centerville & Burbank react to this year’s legislative session

CENTERVILLE, S.D.(WNAX)- South Dakota legislators spent hundreds of millions of dollars and dealt with almost six hundred bills during the thirty-eight-day session.

Representative Richard Vasgaard of Centerville says it was and up and down session.

Vasgaard says he is optimistic that the housing and infrastructure bills will help rural areas.

Vasgaard says he was among the legislators that held out for creating a revolving loan program for part of the housing funds.

Vasgaard who was elected from District 17 in 2020, will be running for a House seat in District 16 this year, due to the changes from the redistricting session.

Representative Sydney Davis of Burbank says they approved a lot of spending.

Davis says her first two sessions were packed with lots of big issues.

Davis says they backed a number of important programs.

Davis, who was first elected in 2020, has filed to run for the District 17 Senate seat.