Legislator preparing for busy week dealing with bills

PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR, WNAX, KBHB)- Legislators in the 97th Session of the South Dakota legislature have crossed the half way point in the 38-day session.  Lawmakers are dealing with over 550 bills, the most in nearly 20 years.   District 24 Representative Will Mortenson says they are 50-percent through the session, but only 20-percent done with the work.

Senator Mary Duvall thinks it’s time for a restructuring of the Committee assignments.

Representative Mike Weisgram says House Local Government is one Committee that could use more bills.

This will be a week of heavy committee action in the South Dakota legislature as lots of bills await hearings.

Representative Mike Stevens of Yankton says both of his committees are meeting twice a day at times.

Over four hundred eighty separate bills have been introduced so far. Stevens says that can create some log jams.

There have been some bills debated that would limit what can be taught in K – 12 schools. Stevens says most of those decisions should be left to school boards.

Stevens is also a member of the Select Committee on Investigation.

Senate Majority Leader Gary Cammack says there is a still a lot of work to be done.

Cammack says one of the bills he is hearing a lot about from his constituents is to provide general fund money for the Game, Fish and Parks proposed Shooting Range in Meade County.

Some opponents have said the Game, Fish and Parks is rushing the project. Cammack says there is still time to hear landowners concerns.

The bill, SB 175, is now headed to Senate Appropriations.

One very long, upcoming day for lawmakers is crossover day.  That day is the day that all bills must clear their house of origin.  Crossover day is next week on Wednesday.