Legislators from Districts 2 & 3 look back at this year’s session Part 1

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Legislators from District 2(Representative Kaleb Weis) & from

District 3(Representative Carl Perry & Senator Al Novstrup) looked back on the 2022 legislative session.

Representative Carl Perry discussed the upcoming summer study dealing with jails.

Senator Al Novstrup also talk about the lack of jail space taking place in the region.

Next issue we discussed was SB101 which allows minors to sell alcohol in establishments as long as someone over 21 is present.  Representative Perry talks about his support of the bill.

Representative Kaleb Weis talks about his concerns about the bill.

Governor Noem signed SB101 into law.

Another topic discussed was SB44 which deals with demolition of Lincoln Hall at NSU.  Senator Novstrup shares the story of how the bill almost didn’t get out of a House Committee.

Next topic discussed was SB46 dealing with Fairness in Womens Sports.  Representative Weis talked about the differences between this bill that was signed by the Governor to the bill last year that was vetoed by Governor Noem.

Next topic was the issue of abortion.  Representative Weis talked about the heartbeat proposol that never became a bill.

A joint resolution defining the meaning of life was brought up in the House chamber.  Representative Perry talked about the prime sponsor and candidate for Governor Steven Haugaard.

The resolution didn’t clear the House and Representative Weis explains one of the reasons why.

The 2nd part will deal with the issues of vaccine mandates, marijuana, and one of the surprises from this year.

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