Legislators from Districts 2 & 3 look back at this year’s session Part 2(emphasis on the vaccine exemption bills)

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Legislators from District 2(Representative Kaleb Weis) & from

District 3(Representative Carl Perry & Senator Al Novstrup) looked back on the 2022 legislative session.

Senator Novstrup talked about what surprised him the most this year by the House and it had to do with Northern.

Governor Noem will announce her decision on SB44 on veto day.

Another issue we discussed was the issue of Critical Race Theory.  Senator Novstrup talks about what his view of CRT is.

Next we talked in detail about the vaccine exemption bills that came out of both the House & Senate.  We started with SB211 which was promoted by the Governor.  That bill if a business decided to put a COVID-19 vaccine mandate in place would require the employee to provide proof either taking the vaccine or reason why they choose not to.  Senator Novstrup comments on how this was fair for all involved.

The House passed their own version(HB1258) that would allow an employee to not take it because of their conscious and didn’t require any proof either way.  Representative Perry comments on why he was in support of the bill.

Representative Weis talked about why he was in support of the bill.

After HB1258 was defeated by the Senate Committee.  SB211 cleared the House Committee and headed to the floor.  Representative Rhonda Milstead offered an amendment which put HB1258 back into play.  Representative Weis talked about the stance the House took.

After neither chamber could reach a compromise on either bill.  Both bills died in their respected chamber.  Senator Novstrup talked about his vote.

Representative Weis comments on the issue of recreational marijuana which will be voted on by the citizens in November.

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