Legislators this week look to finalize the budget

PIERRE, S.D.(WNAX)- This week could be the battle of the budgets as South Dakota legislators work to wrap up the final four days of the main run of the 2022 session.

The House and Senate are working on separate budgets and as Senator Jean Hunhoff of Yankton says, she’s not sure where that will go.

Hunhoff, Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, says the differences are over spending authority of hundreds of millions of federal dollars.

Hunhoff says they need to have clear guidelines on onetime and ongoing spending.

The Joint Committee on Appropriations has not met in the last week to talk about the budget.

Representative Mike Stevens of Yankton says there is a lot of money still in play.

Representative Ryan Cwach of Yankton says they need to work on the agreements they have.

Several spending bills have been stopped in the House Appropriations Committee and then smoked out to the House floor. Cwach says that shouldn’t be the case.

There are separate budget bills being worked on the in the House and Senate. Cwach says they have to bring them together at some point.

The final day of the main run of the session is this Thursday.