Legislators to work on teacher’s pay in 2024

PIERRE, S.D.(KELO)- Teacher pay in South Dakota has been at or near the bottom in the nation for decades.

That doesn’t mean legislators and state officials haven’t made efforts to change that.

The Teacher Compensation Review Board is recommending new standards to ensure school districts are using increases in education funding to help solve the problem.

State Representative Jim Bolin of Canton chaired the Review Board.

The State Education Department is working on compensation goals that will be presented to the 2024 legislature.

Every year, one of the top issues South Dakota Legislators wrestle with is how to raise teacher pay in the state.

Bolin says the Education Department is working on recommendations to make sure school districts are using state education funding to address the problem.

South Dakota Legislators have approved healthy increases in state aid to education in recent years.

Still, the state’s teacher pay lags behind compensation paid in surrounding states.

Canton chaired the Teacher Compensation Review Board.

The State Education Department is working on proposals to hold school districts accountable on using increased state aid to move teacher pay higher.