LGBTQ people has highest rate for depression

RAPID CITY, S.D.(KOTA)- The State of South Dakota, according to one metric, has the highest rate of depression among LGBTQ people in America.

The national data, acquired from a HelpAdvisor report, found 87 percent of members of South Dakota’s queer community – or nearly 40,000 people – have reported feelings of depression at least once a week.

Christian Worstell authored the study, and provided the definition the study used for “depression”, and some of the additional methodology.

The results did not correlate strongly relating to region, and Worstell highlighted the scope of the issue.

Worstell said the study had a secondary goal past simply documenting the numbers.

Just 11 percent of South Dakota’s respondents – about 5,000 people – reported feeling no depression. Nationwide, 62.7 percent of queer residents reported feeling depression compared to just under 32 percent reporting no feelings of depression.