Low water on Missouri River could impact access locations

LAKE OAHE, S.D.(KCCR)- Low water on the Missouri River and in the Lake Oahe reservoir could impact more access locations this year.  Oahe is down 10 feet from the bottom of the flood control zone and could drop another 10 feet.  Some ramps were taken out of service last year due to low water.

Deputy Parks Director Al Nedved says they’re watching the ramp at Chantier Creek closely.

District Supervisor for the Oahe Downstream Recreation Area Pat Buscher says officials may have to move the docks at the Spring Creek Marina if Oahe’s levels continue to plummet.

Buscher says there is a realistic possibility that Spring Creek Marina could see a shortened season due to low water and have been communicating that when establishing leases for slips at Spring Creek.