Lt. Gov and his wife to host trick-or-treat at Governor’s Residence

PIERRE, S.D. (Press Release) – Lieutenant Governor Larry Rhoden and Sandy Rhoden will host the annual trick-or-treat festivities at the Governor’s Residence in Pierre on Thursday, Oct. 31 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. CT.

“Sandy and I don’t usually get very many kids that stop by our ranch out at Union Center, so this will be all treat and no trick for us this year at the Governor’s Residence!” said Rhoden.

On Halloween, Governor Kristi Noem will be attending her son, Booker’s, play-off football game in Hamlin County. Booker is a senior in high school this year.

“I’ve been looking forward to participating in the Governor’s Trick-or-Treat tradition for months, but since Booker is a senior and it’s his last football season, I need to be at this important game,” said Noem. “I’m glad Larry and Sandy can fill in this year. The kids are going to love them… I hear their costumes are incredible!”

Noem asks children and parents across South Dakota to observe the following Halloween safety tips:

  • Trick-or-treat during daylight hours or take a flashlight if going out after dark.
  • Add reflective tape to costumes and trick-or-treat bags.
  • Make sure vision is clear when wearing masks or other head garb.
  • Adults should accompany young children; unaccompanied children should trick-or-treat in groups.
  • Inspect candy before consuming; discard anything suspicious.