Man arrested in biggest crime scene in Rapid City history

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA)  — Police arrested a 33-year-old Rapid City man, after an early morning crime spree which ranged from armed assault to unlawful entry to vehicle theft. They say it’s the biggest crime scene in the city’s history, ranging from North Haines to the city’s southwest corner.

Police investigators say prosecutors are still working on the full list of charges to bring against 33-year-old Billy Robertson.

Robertson allegedly was asked to leave a mobile home just off North Haines after a disturbance where vandalism happened. As he was being driven home by one of the mobile home residents around 4 a.m., he allegedly pulled a knife and took their pickup at knifepoint near Curtis Street and Wood Avenue.

Police say that Robertson then drove to 800 West Boulevard North, broke into a back door, and threatened the female homeowner with a knife. He fled when a daughter threatened to call 9-1-1.

Robertson then drove to a home near 2700 Minnetonka Drive, just off Sheridan Lake Road west of Common Cents. He allegedly accosted the male homeowner and stabbed him during a struggle. The man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Police say Robertson drove to a nearby home at 2800 Country Club Drive, entered a garage and found keys to a second pickup. While attempting to drive off in the second pickup he backed into the first stolen pickup. That homeowner was dragged along and eventually pulled Robertson from the pickup, which then rolled into a nearby home.

Robertson got back to the first pickup and fled. He was next spotted driving onto the grounds of Meadowbrook Golf Course and driving across the green. A police officer attempted a stop, and fired his weapon at the truck when Robertson allegedly tried to run him over. He abandoned the truck near the clubhouse and fled into the residential area across Jackson Boulevard. Police set up a perimeter between 3rd and 7th Avenue, and arrested Robertson near 4th Avenue.

Police and Sheriffs officials are asking anyone who may also have been a victim of Robertson overnight to call them at 394-4131, or 394-6117.