Man brandishing weapons threatens Noem at campaign event, governor unharmed

BANGOR, Maine ( — A would-be assailant brandishing two weapons threatened Gov. Kristi Noem at a Trump campaign event here.

Noem press secretary Ian Fury says at no time was the Governor in danger.

Fury says the Governor’s security detail intervened, and local police arrested the man.

Fury says the campaign event continued, and Noem went ahead and spoke at it. She remains on the campaign trail for President Donald Trump, according to Fury. Noem has a scheduled appearance in Florida tomorrow.

The Governor was unharmed.

The S.D. Dept. of Public Safety issued the following statement:

“Two South Dakota Highway Patrol troopers, who were serving as the Governor’s security detail Wednesday in Bangor Maine, encountered a person brandishing a weapon in an area where the Governor and others were located. The man was arrested by local authorities. We thank the two troopers for their calm response to this incident.”