Mayor of Mobridge talks about putting in a new jail at summer study on regional jails

PIERRE, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The summer study on regional jails & correctional facilities met Tuesday at Pierre.  Among the topics today is the potential for a new regional in Mobridge.

Mobridge mayor Gene Cox talks about Mobridge being a hub for north central South Dakota.

Cox talks about other counties expressing interest in putting a jail in Mobridge.

Cox talks about the benefits of putting a jail in Mobridge.

Former mayor Rick Cain talks however about the cost of putting one in.

Cain talks about Walworth County putting a budget out for the prisoner care.

Cain talks ways that the city of Mobridge may have to cover the cost of the creation of this jail.

Representative Carl Perry reiterated that the summer study deals with regional jails & asked how this can be regional.

Walworth County doesn’t have a jail inside the county & has to send the prisoners to other locations in order to incarerate them & bring them back for trial.