Mayor Travis Schaunaman comments on what’s happening in Pierre

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Aberdeen Mayor Travis Schaunaman talks about what the city is keeping an eye on with the South Dakota legislature are doing this year.

Mayor Schaunaman talks about the water projects.

One of the bills dealing with the issue of regional jails(SB155) that now has cleared the Senate.  If the bill doesn’t clear the legislature, it could have an impact on the new jail Brown County is trying to establish here in Aberdeen.  During the summer study, testimony was given regarding the jail in Winner that was a combined effort between the city & Tripp County which has been successful.  Mayor Schaunaman comment if that is something that could happen here in Aberdeen.

Mayor Schaunaman comment on the impact the reduced sales tax could have to the city.

Mayor Schaunaman talks about some of the road work that will be done in Aberdeen this year.

Mayor Travis Schaunaman will be delivering his State of the City address on Thursday afternoon.