Mayor Travis Schaunaman statement following the city council meeting on Monday

ABERDEEN, S.D.(Press Release)- On May 4, 2022, the local newspaper and a local radio station reported that an allegation has been made that I shared information from a city council meeting conducted in executive session. This allegation is unfounded.

I would like to make three very clear points.

1. I DID NOT share any privileged information with anyone.

2. Votes CANNOT be taken in closed door meetings, so these allegations do not make sense.

3. The Councilwoman who made these allegations WAS NOT a council member during the time the issues she references were discussed and not present in any meetings where those topics were discussed. Her awareness of the specifics could have only come from another council member who was there.

The “One Liberal Vote” message in the candidate’s marketing is FIGURATIVE, and thus a reference speaking to the partisan balance of the council.

Aberdeen has been fortunate to have a conservative leaning council throughout the COVID pandemic. Had we had one more left-leaning council member, we would have had a much heavier handed city response, robbing our citizens of their freedoms and God-given rights.

I am proud of Aberdeen’s response to COVID and to have helped our city make the right decisions.