Medical cannabis dispensary owners request Watertown lower their licensing fee

WATERTOWN, S.D.(KXLG)- Watertown’s $25,000 licensing fee for a medical marijuana dispensary may be one of the state’s highest, according to two of the three dispensaries currently operating in Watertown that showed up to speak atMonday’s City Council meeting.

Roger Meyer, owner of Dakota Dispensaries, said he just received his notice of license renewal.

Mayor Ried Holien clarified and asked City Manager Amanda Mack to give an update.

City Manager Mack.

Dan Fjerstad, the owner of Lion’s Den, also commented that the Council approved the $25,000 fee “just like that” at the last consideration.

City Manager Mack says that no matter the license type being renewed, the license holders are all notified.

Mayor Holien encouraged the owners to be present at the Council meeting that considers the fees for the upcoming year.

South Dakota charges $5,000 as an initial and renewal fee, plus a $250 application fee and a $50 fee with each request for an identification badge.

Sioux Falls currently charges a $25,000 application fee with a $50,000 license fee.

Brookings has a $5,000 application fee, an initial $5,000 medical cannabis establishment fee, and $5,000 for renewals with a $1,000 late renewal fee. Pierre charges a $5,000 licensing fee as well.

Aberdeen shows multiple fees, including an initial $500 processing fee, a $10,000 initial dispensary permit fee, and an annual $5,000 renewal fee.