Methamphetamine still most common among drug users

OMAHA, N.E.(KELO)- Fentanyl gets most of the headlines, but meth is by far the drug of choice among drug users.

The U-S Sentencing Commission says meth makes up about half of all drug-trafficking offenses.

Steve Bell, Special Agent in charge of the Omaha Division of the DEA, says education is key to turning things around, and parents play an important role.

In addition to education, Bell says effective treatment and strong enforcement are needed.

Agents for the Drug Enforcement Administration say meth is the most commonly used illicit drug in our region.

The “Combat Meth Act” of 2005 pushed meth production activities south of the Mexican border…into the hands of drug cartels.

Bell says that has led to increased purity and potency, making today’s Meth even more dangerous.


Bell says overcoming meth will require a three-pronged approach.

It starts with education…and he says, that starts at home.

Bell says effective treatment and enforcement are also part of the answer.