Mid American Energy looking to extend their cost recovery to the spring

PIERRE, S.D.(WNAX)- When Texas froze up last February, it sent price shocks through the natural gas system from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Many energy companies have been trying to recover those extra costs by adding extra charges to customers’ bills.

Mid American Energy had asked the South Dakota Public Utilities commission permission to extend their cost recovery to the middle of this year. Two weeks ago the commission told the company to come back with better information.

Mid American lawyer Katelyn Lynch Butcher told the commission (yesterday)(Tuesday) they have modified their request.

Mid American told the commission two weeks ago they still had to recover about twenty million dollars. Accountant Cory Root says that has now changed.

Commission Chairman Chris Nelson says they appreciate Mid American refiguring the charges.

The Commission voted three to zero to accept Mid American’s plan.