Midco, Bally Sports disagreement leaves Minnesota Twins off air

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELOLAND) – Minnesota Twins fans that have cable subscriptions with Midco won’t be able to watch the Major League Baseball team go for its 10th straight win.

A Midco message is now airing on the channel Bally Sports, who have the television rights for the Minnesota Twins, used to air. The message says “Bally Sports is no longer available.”

“The owner of Bally Sports is in bankruptcy proceedings and has declined several options to allow us to continue carrying their networks. As a result, Midco no longer has the rights to carry their content. Updates will be available at Midco.com/Programming,” the message on Midco said.

In a statement to KELOLAND News, Midco said they are disappointed an agreement could not be reached with Bally Sports to offer Bally Sports North.

“With the Twins on a nine-game winning streak, it’s disappointing that Bally Sports has declined multiple offers, and we no longer have rights to this programming,” Midco spokeswoman Paige Pearson Meyer said. “We want to reach an agreement with Bally Sports that is fair to our customers.”

In a statement to KELOLAND News, the Minnesota Twins also said they don’t have a role to play in the disagreement.

“The Twins are disappointed by this massive disruption for our fans who simply want to watch our games,” the Twins said in an emailed statement. “This situation is a business negotiation between Comcast and Bally’s. The Twins have no role or voice in this matter. We are hopeful the two parties are able to come to an agreement as soon as possible.”

On social media, Midco has been responding to questions about Bally Sports, who have the television rights for the Minnesota Twins, being off the air. Midco has said their agreement to carry Bally Sports ended so it is not able to authorize access to their channels or app currently.

“We will keep trying to reach an agreement with Bally Sports, but only with fair terms and conditions that make sense for our customers,” a Midco post on social media said. 

Minnesota Twins baseball will continue to air on FoxSportsAberdeen 1420AM/98.5FM.