Milbank man faces murder charges in connection with deaths of pregnant woman and her husband

MILBANK, S.D.(Aberdeen American News)- A Milbank man has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder in connection with the death of two adults found dead in their home Wednesday morning.

Brent Hanson, 57, is accused in the deaths, according to a news release from the Division of Criminal investigation.

The victims are Clyde E. Hanson and Jessica Hanson and the couple’s unborn child, according to court documents filed Thursday.

The documents also indicate Brent Hanson is charged with alternate counts of first- and second-degree murder in connection to each death for a total of six charges. With alternate counts, a defendant cannot be convicted of both charges — only one or the other. The main distinction between the murder charges is whether the crime was premeditated. Both carry a mandatory life sentence upon conviction.

Milbank police were dispatched to a residence Wednesday for a welfare check and were simultaneously notified that two people in the home might be dead, per the release. Law enforcement found the two people and determined their injuries are consistent with homicide, according to the release.

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