Montana-Dakota Utilities talks “stink” on their natural gas supply

PIERRE, S.D.(DRGNews)- Over night Thursday and Friday morning, the Montana-Dakota Utilities company and the Pierre Volunteer Fire Department has been dealing with a lot of extra “stink” in some of the company’s natural gas supply.

Company spokesman Mark Hanson says the addition of the product producing the rotten egg-type smell is done to alert people if their home or business has a leak in a gas line.

The affected pipeline begins at Mina, SD, then travels along Highway 12 to Mobridge, then goes south along Highway 83 to Pierre.

Hanson says, if MDU customers smell gas they should call the company.

While it makes the stinky smell much stronger, Hanson says the scented additive isn’t harmful.

Again, if MDU customers can smell natural gas, they should NOT assume it’s related to this situation and they SHOULD call the company at 1-800-638-3278 to have someone come check it out.