Monthly business condition index shows continued growth in the 9-state region

OMAHA, N.E.(KCCR)- Creighton University has released its monthly business conditions index for May.  Economics professor Ernie Goss says conditions across the nine-state region continue to indicate growth but that growth is coasting.

Goss says hiring was down in May.

Inflation rose on the zero-to-100 scale to 91-point-seven from April’s 89-point-seven.

For South Dakota, the May Business Conditions Index rose to 57-point-nine from 55-point-two in April.  Durable goods manufactures in South Dakota are growing at a healthy pace with companies linked to the farm economy and energy.  The state’s leisure and hospitality industries have benefited from that healthy growth with employment at 500 jobs, up one-percent over pre-pandemic levels.