More reactions to HB 1217 the fairness in women’s sports bill

PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR)- South Dakota lawmakers will have at least one piece of legislation to address when they return to Pierre Monday for the final day of the 2021 legislative session.  House Bill 1217, the so-called ‘fairness in women’s sports’ bill has not been signed yet by Governor Krisit Noem.  Noem has instead called for a ‘style and form revision’ to the bill, which some say is more of a re-write of the bill.  District 24 Representative Will Mortenson says he still researching what has become fast-moving and evolving.

District 24 Representative Mike Weisgram voted against 1217 as it was brought to Noem, but could be willing to support the Governor’s changes.

District 24 Senator Mary Duvall says South Dakota should wait until other court cases move forward.

Duvall may not get a chance to vote on H-B 1217 if the changes are defeated in the House.  All three members of the District 24 delegation voted against 1217, which was smoked out on the Senate floor after being lost in committee.