More recaps from the redistricting meeting held Monday

PIERRE, S.D.(WNAX)- Members of the South Dakota House and Senate Redistricting Committees held their first meeting earlier this week and got updates on Census numbers.

Matt Frame, with the Legislative Research Council, outlined the variations they can use for each legislative district.

Frame says districts could have fewer residents depending on how legislators draw them up.

Frame says there could also be a narrower range of allowable deviations.

With the 2020 official population, the ideal district should have twenty-five thousand, three hundred thirty three residents.

The ACLU of South Dakota is watching the legislative redistricting process, especially when it comes to native American areas.

Candi Brings Plenty, indigenous justice organizer for the ACLU, says they want to see fair districts for all voters.

Brings Plenty says they have seen some odd districts drawn.

Brings Plenty says she was pleased to hear legislators this week reference a legal case from 2001.

The committees drawing the new districts held their first meeting this week and will meet again next week. Public hearings are planned around the state in October.