My Pillow’s Mike Lindell launches Frank at Corn Palace in Mitchell

MITCHELL, S.D.(KMIT)- Nearly 1,700 people packed Mitchell’s Corn Palace on Monday evening for a presentation and launch of a new social media platform called Frank.  The man behind the new site, My Pillow CEO and Minnesota native Mike Lindell, spoke to the crowd for about 90 minutes.  He talked about his past substance abuse issues, the startup of his company, his relationship with former President Donald Trump, and the 2020 election.  He says the outcome was changed by China, as they committed fraud on U.S. election machines.  Lindell says that because of media suppression of the truth and cancel culture, his new social media platform is needed.

He says with enough pressure, the Supreme Court will have no choice but to acknowledge the fraud in the 2020 election.

Radio talk show hosts Joe Piscopo, Eric Metaxas, and Brannon Howse joined Lindell at the event, and former US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson spoke to the crowd via video.  Lindell’s new social media platform can be found at