NDN Collective explain their stance on militarism

RAPID CITY, S.D.(KOTA)- Late last year NDN Collective, a Rapid City-based indigenous advocacy organization, quietly published a position paper concerning the organizations official stance on militarism.

NDN Collective, in this paper, describes itself as an anti-militarist organization, while also expressly acknowledging the various and complex motivations individual soldiers have for enlisting.

“NDN Collective’s understanding is that the United States military and the Military and Police Industrial Complex (MPIC) have exploited our circumstances and our connection to warrior culture, and are ultimately pathways for exploitation and destruction of our communities.”

NDN Collective Landback Campaign Krystal Two Bulls is a veteran who says it is possible to be both pro-veteran and anti-militarist.

When asked who benefits most from war, Two Bulls spoke in no uncertain terms.

Two Bulls then laid out what she stands in opposition to.

Two Bulls said Indigenous antimilitarism orbits one thing.

The NDN Collective position paper, titled “Demilitarization is Decolonization” can be found on their website at the following link: https://ndncollective.org/demilitarization-is-decolonization-ndn-collective-releases-position-paper-on-militarism-leading-up-to-veterans-day/