Nearly 8 inches of weekend rain causes flooding in Brown, McPherson counties

ABERDEEN, S.D. (By Scott Waltman – Heavy weekend rain left its mark in northern Brown and northeastern McPherson counties.

All of the water put some rural roads and fields underwater, and there’s now flooding in the Westport and Ordway areas on the Elm River.

According to reports to the National Weather Service, 7.8 inches of rain fell Friday night and Saturday morning 10 miles northwest of Frederick, and 7.75 inches fell 9 miles northwest of Frederick. Other totals recorded included:

  • 7.04 inches 9 miles east of Spring Creek Colony, which is west-southwest of boarder community of Forbes, N.D.
  • 6.86 inches 2 miles east-northeast of Spring Creek Colony.
  • 6.75 inches 6 miles east-northeast of Spring Creek Colony.
  • 6 inches 4 miles northwest of Frederick.
  • 6 inches at Spring Creek Colony.
  • 3.02 inches 8 miles east-northeast of Hecla.
  • 2.72 inches 9 miles west of Frederick.
  • 2.55 inches 7 miles west-northwest of Hecla.

There were also unconfirmed social media reports of even more rain in the Forbes, N.D., area.

Flooding in the northwestern part of Brown County had dissipated by Monday morning but there was lots of water in the Ordway area, said Scott Meints, Brown County Emergency Management director. And there was still flooding in the Westport area, though it was going down, he said.

Late Friday, the National Weather Service advised no travel through Saturday morning north of State Highway 10 in northeast McPherson County because of the heavy rain. A flood warning for northeast McPherson County and northwest Brown County expired Monday morning.

Rain was especially heaving in the Frederick, Elm Lake, Spring Lake Colony and Forbes, N.D., areas, according to the NWS.

A flood warning remains in place until Wednesday evening for the Elm River at Westport. At 9 a.m. Monday, the river was 19.9 feet, which constitutes major flooding, according to the NWS. Flood stage is 14 feet. At 20.5 feet, the water would reach the bottom of the bridge 2 miles south and 1 mile east of Westport and the bridge east of Westport would be overtopped.

The water crested at Westport at 20.45 inches early Sunday night, according to a Brown County Emergency Management post on Facebook.

The Elm should drop below flood stage by early Wednesday afternoon, according to the NWS.