Nobody injured in Leola bus crash

LEOLA, S.D. (American News Staff Reports) – A Leola School District school bus was involved in a collision Friday morning before classes.

Nobody was injured, according to the superintendent.

“Everyone is OK, just shaken up,” Leola Superintendent Bev Myer said. “I’m impressed with how our bus handled the situation.”

According to a Facebook post by the district, morning fog played a part in the wreck.

“All families involved have been notified and our students are doing as good as can be expected after an event like this,” the school district said in a Facebook post. “Our excellent emergency responders rechecked those involved back at the school. It is a scary situation to experience and even just hear about. Our counselor is available to process with our students and staff. We appreciate everyone’s concern for our Leola School family,” the school district said in a Facebook post.