Noem against statewide mask mandate

PIERRE, S.D. (KBHB) – For the first time since July, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem held a press conference to discuss COVID-19 as the virus continues to hit the state hard.

Noem acknowledged COVID-19 is something people in the state will be dealing with into 2021 and recognizes people are tired and exhausted from the pandemic while encouraging people to take personal responsibility to slow the spread of the virus.

However, she still does not favor putting in place a statewide mask mandate like some of her neighboring states have done.

Noem was asked about her latest Public Service Announcement airing on South Dakota media airwaves which says nothing about wearing a mask.

Noem continues to defend her stance of leaving it up to each individual when it comes to wearing a mask.

Noem says she wants doesn’t want to approach a policy or a mandate, looking to make people feel good – she wants to do good when asked about responding to medical professionals who are asking for a mask mandate.

Gov. Noem pointed out vulnerable elderly populations need more protections. She said her heart breaks for those who are most vulnerable to the virus.