Noem talks about rising water levels

WATERTOWN, S.D. (KXLG) — At a stop in Watertown Tuesday afternoon South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem says the state’s Emergency Management Center is reopening again ahead of the next major winter storm.

Of major concern in Eastern South Dakota is Lake Poinsett where lake levels are still rising. The latest report has the lake at more than four foot over full. Governor Noem, who lives in that area of the state, says any additional moisture will make the flood risk worse for the hundreds of home owners who reside around the more than 8,000 acre body of water that’s fed by a nearly 300,000 acre watershed.

The Governor is encouraging all South Dakota residents in the path of flood waters to do what they can now to prepare for any additional water issues.  Another major concern is the wet calving season and planting setback that South Dakota farmers are experiencing this month.

She has this advice for the public out ahead of the next storm.

Noem left for Pine Ridge immediately after her Watertown stop Tuesday to help tribal officials assess the future flood risk in that region of the state.  She’s hopeful when the spring flooding problems end that an emergency declaration can be submitted to FEMA to bring in Federal help to counties and cities who sustained bridge, road, and other damage.