North Dakota PSC to reconsider Summit Carbon Solutions request for CO2 pipeline permit

AMES, I.A.— Summit Carbon Solutions (SCS) is pleased to announce that the North Dakota Public Service Commission (PSC) has granted its Petition for Reconsideration for SCS’s CO2 pipeline permit application. Summit Carbon Solutions appreciates the PSC’s thoughtful leadership and approach to balancing stakeholder perspectives, while ensuring that the needs of the community, the environment, and sustainable energy production are met.

“We’ve listened to and learned from the concerns raised by the North Dakota Public Service Commission,” said Summit Carbon Solutions CEO Lee Blank. “Subsequently, we rerouted around Bismarck, made adjustments to drill or bypass game management and geo-hazard areas, and collaborated with the State Historic Preservation Office to record the findings of cultural surveys.”

Summit Carbon Solutions remains deeply committed to supporting North Dakota’s energy industry, and working with farmers, ranchers, and the broader community. To date, Summit Carbon Solutions has partnered with more than 76% of landowners along the route in North Dakota, and has acquired nearly 90% of the pore space for sequestration. This collaboration with key stakeholders is a testament to the company and state’s shared vision of decarbonization and energy independence.

Summit Carbon Solutions looks forward to responding, following the appropriate steps, and ultimately securing a permit from the ND PSC.