Northwestern Corporation hopes to reach zero carbon emission by 2050

HURON, S.D.(KOKK)- Northwestern Corporation announced their goal to reach a net zero carbon emission by the year 2050 while continuing the commitment to reliable, affordable, environmental and sustainable energy service. Currently Northwestern’s company wide electric generation portfolio provides approximately 56 percent of customers energy from carbon free resources.  The Bob Glanzer natural gas generating station east of Huron is set to come online this spring.  Tom Glanzer with Northwestern Energy said that is part of their Net Zero 2050 commitment.
Northwestern says they have reduced emissions from their own electric generating resources over the past decade with energy from hydroelectric dams.  Glanzer said that is also aided with wind resources.
While committed to the net zero carbon emissions by 2050.  Glanzer said they will continue to use existing coal generation plants as their needs still exist.
Along with continuing electric power generation technology improvements they continue to look for more ways to conserve energy.  The Net Zero 2050 commitment includes converting 88,000 street lights and other lights to LED’s.