Northwestern Energy opens new plant in Huron

HURON, S.D.(KOKK)- NorthWestern Energy commissioned the new 58-megawatt natural gas-fired electric Bob Glanzer Generating Station near Huron. S.D. Monday, which provides flexible, on-demand energy generation to reliably serve our South Dakota customers with affordable energy.  Northwestern Energy CEO Bob Rowe gave credit to getting the project completed.
Northwestern Energy President and Chief operating officer Brian Bird talked about the Net Zero by 2050 commitment by Northwestern Energy relating the importance of the Bob Glanzer Generating Station.
Today NorthWestern Energy’s electric generation portfolio is from 56% carbon-free resources, compared with 40% for the U.S. electric energy industry.  The Bob Glanzer Generating Station’s six Caterpillar reciprocating internal combustion engines are a highly efficient, lean-burn design, which takes less fuel to generate electricity. They have technology to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide by about 94%.  Northwestern Energy Vice President Supply and Montana Government Affairs John Hines spoke of the importance of the Bob Glanzer Generating station and the one time meeting with its namesake.
Construction of the plant, about a $90 million project, began in 2020, the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and provided support for the Huron, S.D. economy. During peak construction, more than 150 workers were employees at the plant.  Community relations manager with Northwestern Energy Tom Glanzer spoke about being humbled and honored for having the station named for his father.  Ted Haeder with Greater Huron Development talked about the importance of the facility and the appropriate naming of the station.
Ribbon cutting and tours Monday were cut short as the Bob Glanzer Generating Station was activated for use as the event was held.