Officials say fatal house fire in Spearfish set intentionally

SPEARFISH, S.D. (KBHB) – Investigators have determined that a fatal house fire in Spearfish this past September was intentionally set.

In a release Monday, the City of Spearfish, Department of Public Safety, concluded the cause of the fire was deliberate with the area of origin being the kitchen and living room.

The fire killed the single occupant of the dwelling, 45-year-old Robert Douglas Brockley.

Investigators say a gasoline container was found on the kitchen counter adjacent to a natural gas stove. The ignition source for the gas stove was a burner igniter that was found in the on position. Investigators say they eliminated all other sources of ignition.

Brockley suffered fire and heat injuries that would place him within very close proximity to the kitchen point of origin and authorities say evidence indicates Brockley was the only person in the residence at the time of ignition.