Op-ed dealing with CO2 Pipeline

This is an OP-ED regarding the CO2 Pipeline and the ethanol industry.  The view does not reflect the views at HubCityRadio.

REE HEIGHTS, S.D.(Press Release)- Our family has been a long-standing investor of both Glacial Lakes and the Redfield Energy ethanol plants.  We have also invested in many other projects promoting agricultural advancements.  We are writing about concerns we have with Summit Carbon Solutions.  We are absolutely against the use of eminent domain to construct a carbon dioxide pipeline.

When it comes right down to it, as an investor in ethanol, “WE ARE THE GROUP THAT IS USING EMINENT DOMAIN!”  As an investor, we are not okay with this power!  We do not feel like we have the rights to anyone else’s property for any reason.

Unfortunately, the ethanol industry is the only thing that can stop this use and abuse, and have refused to step up to protect the rights of all landowners.

The Bible teaches us in the Ten Commandments that “thou shall not steal”, and we personally believe this is a form of stealing. We could not look ourselves in the mirror knowing we had violated our core beliefs. There are many friendships that have been potentially destroyed forever because of the decisions the ethanol industry has made. We were taught many years ago by our parents to respect everyone, to be a good neighbor, and to help those that need help.  All of these principles are in jeopardy because of the decisions the ethanol industry has made.   The answer we keep hearing is we can’t step in between landowners and Summit Carbon Solutions because of the potential to be sued. Our question to you is: is the money that important to you that you will ignore the rights of landowners?

Please do the right thing and step up and speak out against the use of eminent domain. Minnesota routed their carbon pipeline without the use of eminent domain.  South Dakota can too!

You may think that we are against economic growth in South Dakota. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Our family has been involved in many investment opportunities that we felt helped the state of South Dakota and would bring jobs to the state.

We believe there is lost opportunity for our communities in letting someone else profit by dumping CO2 down a hole.  There are numerous products (concrete, fuel, fertilizer, etc) that would create “long-term” jobs in our community as well as economic benefits.  We would gladly invest in some of these ideas, but to allow someone else to make “billions” of dollars annually on the back of our fellow constituents is asinine.  Once this is allowed, what’s next?  Allowing some multi-million-dollar company to claim our pastures and fields because they can now claim the profits of carbon sequestration and we don’t have the money to fight them?  South Dakota is supposed to be a conservative state and yet many of our elected officials have turned a blind eye to this. Maybe the elected officials like the treasure trove that these carbon sequestration companies are shoving at them.

We have refused to sign granting an easement for this project.  According to the carbon companies, many have signed “voluntarily” granting an easement, but we know for a fact there would be far fewer signed easements if landowners hadn’t been threatened and bullied with “eminent domain” language. Who has the money to fight a large corporation?  We would like a poll performed knowing how many people have signed an easement that are dead set against the project? Jim Seurer, Glacial Lakes’ CEO’s states that “all” their investors are in support.  Let’s actually find out!!!