Over 1,300 enplanements at the Pierre Regional Airport for September

Passenger numbers from Pierre Regional Airport remained steady and consistent in September.  Pierre City Commission Airport Liaison Jamie Huizenga says over 1300 enplanements were recorded at Pierre Regional last month.

The exact number through September is 11-thousand 694 enplanements.  Huizenga says fall hunting traffic is already increasing.

And with some of the busier weeks and months ahead Denver Air Connection is sweetening the deal.

By comparison Pierre significantly passed Watertown for September enplanements.  Watertown failed to clear the one-thousand mark in September with only 953 passengers.  Of the 953, 567 were to Denver and 386 to Chicago.  Pierre’s big September has the Capital City now only 32 enplanements behind Watertown for the year.  So far in 2022 11-thousand 726 passengers boarded flights at Watertown Regional Airport.