Over 300 groups have seeked party status on CO2 pipeline proposal

PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR)- The number of groups seeking party status in the Public Utilities Commission docket for a proposed carbon pipeline is around 375 and it’s the P-U-C job to see who legally can be a party in that docket.  The Commission approved approximately 340 Thursday leaving around 30 to provide more information why they should be included.  Brett Koenecke, representing Summit Carbon Solutions says directly impacted individuals should have party status.

McPherson County States Attorney Austin Hoffman says the P-U-C should allow new intervenors because of a recently posted re-route of the pipeline.

P-U-C Chairman Chris Nelson says a 2019 state law will likely guide how intervenors are added.

The Public Utilities Commission will meet again in two weeks, giving the 30 or so applications in question time to provide more information about why they legally should become a party to the docket.