Pennington County officials warn of flooding

PENNINGTON COUNTY, S.D. (Press Release) – Water is running high and flooding is becoming a problem in many areas of the Southern Hills in Pennington County. Creeks in Hill City and Keystone are running out of their banks and onto roads and bridges. Several driveways are partially or totally submerged.

Keystone has major flooding. Many of the bridges are nearly underwater. Main Street is down to one lane in areas. Most of the bridges are getting close to being flooded and closed. Areas are coned off by the city. Grizzly Gulch Road is flooded over. An alternate egress route was located and the bridge has been flagged.

If people are traveling to Mt. Rushmore, use caution! Part of Highway 16A near the Powder House Inn near the tunnel has water over the road.  The water is not very deep there but hydroplaning is possible as you come down the hill.

Hill City has flooding. Old Hill City Road has water over the road in many area from Kemp’s Camp down to Keystone.  Rocks are falling from the hillside.  This portion of the road is being closed and no travel is advised.

With flooding, do not drive over standing water on roads or bridges. Stay out of areas that are impacted and allow first responders to safely work. If you live in an impacted area, stay tuned to local media and the Pennington County Sheriff’s social media outlets in the event of an evacuation.

Travel throughout the Southern Black Hills is dangerous and caution should be taken. Slow down. Watch for hydroplaning and do NOT attempt to cross flooded roads. “Turn around, don’t drown!”