Pierre police talking police reforms regarding use of force needed to apprehend

PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR)- Law enforcement agencies across the country are under the microscope with a number of high-profile, fatal officer-involved use-of-force incidents.  The deaths have resulted in a movement to bring about policing reforms to how officers address the use-of-force.  Pierre Police Captain Bryan Walz says those reforms are funneling down already to the local level.

Walz says police are already trained in de-escalating the situations they encounter.

Walz says openness and transparency will go a long way in changing the public’s perception of police.

Walz says many departments across the country are moving to release body cam video as soon as possible in fatal use-of-force situations.  He says giving the public the opportunity to experience use-of-force training through simulators would help the public understand the challengers police can be confronted with.