Pierre School District hopes public supports for end-of-the-year is similar to athletics

PIERRE, S.D.(DRGNews)- The end of the current school year is about a month away and one Pierre School District Administrator is hoping to see the same kind of public support for end-of-the-year testing as we often see for athletics.

Georgia Morse Middle School Principal Dr. Kyley (ki-lee) Cumbow (come-boe) says over the next few weeks students at all grade levels will be taking state standardized tests and/or regular classroom tests to show how much they’ve learned this past year.

Cumbow says she’d love to see some sort of “good luck on your tests” messages on business marquees in Pierre, Fort Pierre and statewide.

Cumbow says she’s getting positive feedback on the idea.

One example of a message Cumbow gives is “It’s time to rock the state test and show what you know.” Signs showing support of testing and academics could be displayed on mobile letter boards, business marquee signs or windows of residential or business buildings.