Planned Parenthood reaction to federal judge injunction on abortion pills

RAPID CITY, S.D.(KOTA)- A federal judge has granted an injunction against a South Dakota regulation to further restrict abortion access in the state – already among the most restrictive in the nation for abortion access.

If passed, the regulation would have targeted medical abortions, and likely would have eliminated legal access to them in the state.

Kristin Hayward is South Dakota manager of advocacy and outreach with Planned Parenthood, and shared their take on why the effort failed.

Planned Parenthood, in conjunction with the ACLU, have been leading the legal effort against restrictive abortion laws in South Dakota.

Hayward says for those seeking out abortions in South Dakota.

Hayward was asked just how safe the medication abortion pills are.

Planned Parenthood also offers other non-abortion services, like pregnancy and STD testing, at their Sioux Falls Clinic – the only such clinic in the state of South Dakota.