Pros & Cons of IM27

FORT PIERRE, S.D.(DRGNews)- A group campaigning against the legalization of recreational marijuana for South Dakotans age 21 years and over made a stop in Fort Pierre & Aberdeen this week.

Protecting South Dakota Kids campaign chair Jim Kinyon says the marijuana grown and processed today is far more potent than what was smoked in the 70s. He used a character named “Dopey” as an example.

Kinyon says drug dealers try to sell potential buyers on two things– They’re going to make you happy and they’re going to make you free.

Kinyon, who works for Catholic Social Services in Rapid City, says legalization of marijuana for those 21 years and over will inevitably mean those under 21 will also have access to it.

Follow this link for more information on them and their claims.

WATERTOWN, S.D.(KXLG)- A proponent group, South Dakota for Better Marijuana Laws, has been lobbying and campaigning for legalization.

Campaign manager Matthew Schweich explains why legalize recreational if medicinal is already available.

Schweich talks about the benefits they claim.

Another concern is the workforce, which is already challenging to find; they are concerned that the companies with drug tests will have an even more difficult time hiring.

The government has implemented advertising laws on alcohol and tobacco with concern for children. Some argue the packaging and various edibles can also attract and be dangerous to children.

Schweich addresses the issue.

Schweich continued that IM27 does not have any policy on the packaging; the state will work on making regulation policies if it were to get approved.

Protecting South Dakota Kids has some “facts” available on their website stating, for instance

  • In Colorado, for ages 12 and older, marijuana usage increased by 26% and is 61% higher than the national average, currently ranked 3rd in the nation.
  • Marijuana and child abuse and death the #1 drug associated with a child’s death is marijuana.
  • In Colorado, marijuana is found in 34% of the teens who commit suicide aged 15-19.
  • Adolescent marijuana use is associated with increased depression, suicide, and psychosis.

Schweich doesn’t feel those are accurate and talks about their “facts”.

Schweich says out of the 19 states that have approved recreational cannabis, and none have repealed the approval. He also addresses cannabis being a gateway drug.

Below is a link for the South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws.