Protests continue outside of Grand Gateway Hotel

RAPID CITY, S.D.(KOTA)- Hours have changed for those protesting outside the Grand Gateway Hotel, as spring gives way to the heat of summer.

Protesters have now been boycotting all Uhre family-owned businesses for over two months, and will be present in front of the hotel from 3-6 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, rain or shine.

Sunny Red Bear, NDN Collective racial equity director, said the group has recognized boycotts are a long game.

To that group of regulars, Red Bear shared a message of gratitude.

Red Bear said she believes the effort has having an impact.

Red Bear has also previously encouraged residents, regardless of race, to come and stand with protesters.

On the sidewalk in front of the Grand Gateway Hotel, eight year old Hermus Battelyoun has found the bullhorn.

Battelyoun, along with about 20 other protesters were in front of the Grand Gateway Hotel once again, as a part of the ongoing boycott of Uhre-family owned businesses led by NDN Collective.

It wasn’t long before others grabbed the bullhorn though, including Bill Knight, a regular face at the protest.

On an 80 degree day, the heat is beginning to become a factor for those on the protest line, but Mato Black Bear says he and his family aren’t planning on going anywhere.

It was a sentiment matched by Lucie Jealous of Him and her family.

Hours for the demonstration are now 3 to 6 Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Forecasts this week call for upper 70’s on Wednesday, and lower 90’s on Friday.