Rally permits, arrests similar to last year

STURGIS, S.D. (KBHB) – As the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally hits mid-week, the city of Sturgis says they are seeing similar to lower numbers than last year in several categories.

As of the close of business Tuesday, the city had issued 503 temporary vending permits. That is down from last year’s 628 at this time. City Public Information Officer Christina Steele says the 20-percent reduction in permits seems to be consistent for several days.

The Sturgis Police say they are seeing numbers similar to or less than 2019 in most categories. The exceptions are non-injury accident, up 13; misdemeanor drug arrests, up by 31; resisting or obstructing an officer, up by 7; and non-traffic arrests, which are up by 35.

The Department of Public Works says sanitation, or garbage numbers, are down 5.6-percent compared to last year.

And, Sturgis Ambulance reports their calls are up by 8 so far.