Rally Sept. 14 in Sioux Falls to support Medical Freedom

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – In response to the recent COVID-19 vaccine mandates announced by both the Sanford Health and Avera Health Systems, protestors will gather Sept. 14 at noon near the Sanford Medical Center campus for a rally in support of Medical Freedom.
More than 46,000 employees are impacted by the mandates, which require the employees to take the vaccine or lose their job. Employees and citizens from across the region are planning to gather to show support for medical professionals who stand in opposition to this forced vaccination mandate.
South Dakota Representative Jon Hansen, sponsor of Draft Bill 55, which would halt the business mandates, will be a guest speaker at the event. He will discuss the proposed bill which is similar to measures taken up in other states.
In order to take up the bill before the mandates take effect, the SD State Legislature would need to hold a special session in Pierre. Many Sanford and Avera employees and citizens across the region are frustrated that the special session has not been called, as they feel legislation may be the last firewall available to protect their Medical Freedom.
Also being introduced at the rally is the new Unity Through Community Immunity campaign. This breakthrough new campaign brings up ethical questions related to vaccine mandates and the community. The rally and campaign aim to inspire civil and science-based discussions to help people feel more confident in the understanding that everyone does not have to be vaccinated in order to end this pandemic. There is another way.
The COVID-19 vaccines may pose side-effect risks for healthy individuals, and the long-term effects are unknown. Adverse reactions have been reported. Because this vaccine is not without risk, exemptions for natural immunity should be allowed. There are community members for whom vaccination is medically dangerous and irresponsible. Evidence is growing that naturally developed immunity is as good or better than immunity from the vaccination. At the very least, naturally developed immunity should be accepted as a viable alternative to vaccination. It is unethical to compel people to assume risk on behalf of others the way these mandates do. No one is talking about this.
The Medical Freedom Rally and March, sponsored by Patriot Ripple Effect, starts at 12 pm, Sept.14 at Menlo Park in Sioux Falls. It will be followed by a march to the 18th St. and Grange Ave. hospital area. Media, community members of all political persuasions, city and state officials and medical professionals are all invited to attend.