Rapid City continues to deal with robberies of gun shops

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) – A number of gun stores in the area have been the victims of robberies in recent months. First Stop Gun and Coin in downtown Rapid City was robbed in late September, and Sturgis Guns has been robbed twice since November, with over 20 guns reported as stolen from the single store.

Just last night, Sirius Black Arms in Rapid City was the victim of an attempted robbery and shots were fired in the exchange. Ultimately the suspect was found the same evening, but following the incident, Rapid City Police Department Community Relations Specialist Brendyn Medina said the recent thefts of firearms hasn’t been taken lightly.

Despite the current trend, Medina said gun store robberies remain a rarity in the area.

The recovery process for the firearms is fast moving, Medina says, because guns can often be redistributed among other criminals in a black market after being stolen.