Rapid City Council approve first reading for majority vote for mayor in future elections

RAPID CITY, S.D.(KBHB) – The Rapid City Council has passed first reading of an ordinance that require a majority vote for election of mayor and alderman.

The ordinance, if it passes a second reading, would reinstate a runoff election if a candidate doesn’t receive 50% plus one vote in the municipal election.

The City’s Legal and Finance Committee sent the issue on the council without recommendation.

In 2009, state law was changed so the candidate receiving the most votes for a municipal office is elected, unless the municipality adopts an ordinance requiring there be a runoff election. This meant a candidate for office could be elected with less than a majority of all the votes cast for an office.

After the change, Rapid City adopted an ordinance requiring a runoff election. It was repealed under Mayor Steve Allender in 2019.

The ordinance was one of new Mayor Jason Salamun’s campaign topics.

The council approved first reading of the ordinance on a unanimous vote.